Honeycomb Tiffin


Extremely easy to make, marshmallows and honeycomb pieces combined with semi-sweet chocolate to make a delicious, rich Tiffin treat.
Perfect for kids to make and adults to eat 🙂
Congratulations if this makes it to the fridge before its gone 🙂

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Ingredients: Chocolate chips (soya), digestive biscuit (wheat), honeycomb pieces, mini marshmallows

To make: Melt 100g of butter or margarine with the chocolate chips in a microwave for around 1 minute (or in a bowl over a pan of water).
Add the packet contents and mix well. Scoop mix into a dish or tray and push down well. Place into a fridge to harden for a couple of hours.

Allergens: in bold
Not suitable for vegetarians due to the pork gelatine in the marshmallows.

Makes 16+ biscuits

Nutritional Information: per portion based on 16 biscuits per pack
Energy kj 569, kcal 110,
Fat 5g, of which saturates 3g,
Carbohydrate 14g, of which sugars 11g,
Fibre 0g,
Protein 1g,
Salt 0g