Rocky Road


If you manage to get this to the fridge before eating it you’ve got more willpower than some of our customers (and us!)

In stock (can be backordered)

Ingredients: dark choc chips (soya), digestive biscuit (wheat), sultanas, marshmallow

To make: Melt the chocolate with 100g of marg/butter and then either..
a) mix all the dry ingredients into all the chocolate, press it into a tin and place in the fridge.
or b) mix half the chocolate with the dry ingredients, press into a tray and then spread the rest of the chocolate over the top. Place into fridge until firm.
When set, enjoy!

Allergens: in bold
Not suitable for vegetarians due to the geletin in the marshmallows

Nutritional Information: (per biscuit, based on 16 biscuits per pack)
Energy kj 569, kcal 135
Fat 6g, of which saturates 3g,
Carbohydrate 18g, of which sugars 13g,
Fibre 1g,
Protein 2g,
Salt 0g